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Re: how cosign scales

On 10 Feb 2004, at 21:09, Darren Jacobs wrote:
I was curious how cosign scales to use. In particular how many cosign servers you'd use for a given number of users. We have around 80,000 students, staff and faculty that would be using the authentication service.

With around 100,000 users, we had 180811 logins in the last eight hours, split across three cosign servers. That's between 4pm and now. The choice of three, however, is not particularly for load. Probably two would have done the job very adequately, but then if we lost one of those two, only one might not be able to handle the load. However, we made the decision to go to three when we were operating the service on two Sun AX1105's running Solaris 8. Now that we're on dual processor 2.8Ghz Xeon Intels running Linux 2.4.x, one machine would probably be totally fine -- so two with one live spare. But, we wanted to have an extra machine in close proximity to our third Kerberos server, on the campus with the University's administrative servers.


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