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error -12281

	Hopefully my problem is obvious, but I seem to have run into a
wall configuring cosign for my site.

I don't know if this -12281 error is a Mozilla error code,
something apache understands, or something specific to cosign. Certainly
IE doesn't bother giving me an error code at all (in fact, I get the error
page that looks like DNS problems from IE). Mozilla (well, firefox)
reports that " has sent an incorrect or unexpect
message" and then presents me with this error code.

	As best I can tell, I've followed the cosign installation

I tried running cosignd in debug mode:
cosign=IBWtm41+KEAFH1hXrKlxBliHoUI8MpDZt6+30ZD+UnwSho8X9yjsTp5- RAVZhtZ+hGDDWPsSwAtNh5iGYa34BndCV+3Fx54WImgoNcRnbo477vYoLQli1hhqGF8K
cosign-cosign- reed=plgKDvatwIBF4maF38AkvzDmxrc5+mB2bldYmlWmJnJbAeabwTxvh9u14y- oc4dDURM2GA59UbZQTo+VCy7jyuo43ZHnh99Z9BVitpTJ5aV+ZnLLkPW-4S6W34Mm

Something similar is shown on stdout whenever I try to access a cosign
protected page (and I get this -12281 error as well).

My apache 2 access_log looks like the following: - - [17/Mar/2004:14:30:20 -0800] "GET /test/test.html HTTP/1.1" 302 403 - - [17/Mar/2004:14:30:20 -0800] "GET /?cosign-cosign-reed=36J+O2jiQ2s0v8WTi6o1GgZPFlTTQukO- sb8UjiE2aK7t50Kt6gWVrrrZqSi9W22+W9Sp4fSiYESEkV9NjHJPjonT394hbIzHlwaPQG+- 9WN41jL7Nd2k2O-b3PF;& HTTP/1.1" 302 227 - - [17/Mar/2004:14:30:21 -0800] "\x80g\x01\x03" 200 4779

The error log doesn't seem to say a whole lot -- although once in a while
I see:
[Wed Mar 17 14:27:37 2004] [error] [client] net_check: 3: 534 CHECK: Who me? Dunno.

These errors don't typically correspond to the major error I receive
whenever I try to look at a cosign protected page.

strace'ing the cosign daemon doesn't reveal any smoking guns.

I use the following in my httpd.conf:

CosignProtected On
CosignCrypto /var/cosign/certs/key.pem /var/cosign/certs/cert.pem /var/cosign/certs/CA
CosignService cosign-reed

And my (self-signed) ssl certs check out okay.

	Is there anything else I can/should take a look at to diagnose
my problem?


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