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Re: COSIGN: note: login form action="/"

Hi Kevin,

I appreciate your posting that message. Quite detailed
and comprehensive, actually. One small thing that you might
want to consider adding though, for the benefit of
the newbie web-administrators out there, is that weblogin is dedicated
only for the purpose of running the cosign.cgi and authenticating; i.e. there are no user-directories or any other CGI scripts running.
Am I correct in making this assumption?
Just a thought that struck me because you turn ExecCGI on
at DocumentRoot. So I thought it might help to state
that the whole web-site is pretty trustworthy.

Now is the reason you're not using "mod_rewrite"
because you included only select modules during
the server-build, so you can keep the httpd-size to the bare minumum?



kevin mcgowan wrote:
This isn't really cosign, per se, but it came up in a discussion with someone trying to implement cosign yesterday so I thought I'd share with the group. Those of you who've set up your own weblogin server (cosign.cgi, cosignd, monster) or read the weblogin server README probably know that, on Michigan's weblogin server, we do the following in the apache conf:
1. set up cosign.cgi as DirectoryIndex and make cosign.cgi's home DocumentRoot
2. set up AddHandler cgi-script for files ending in .cgi
3. turn on ExecCGI for DocumentRoot


Shanti Suresh
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