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Re: Another quick question and possible bug report

On Mar 28, 2004, at 9:17 PM, Brett Lomas wrote:

Hi Kevin,

How are things? I have just one quick question for you if you are able and willing. J

always willing, generally able. :)

In your last email you detailed that you have CoSign running on 3 linux boxes. How have configured these? More specifically I am really asking if each of these boxes run the CGI and cosignd/monster or have you separated them out? Also how have you configured CoSign web servers to talk to these machine? via DNS round-robin or something else?

Each of the 3 central weblogin servers is running Apache, the CGI, cosignd, and monster. Additionally, they host /cgi-bin/logout and /services/ (our rudimentary "service menu").

The services are configured to use "" as the weblogin server and they convert this name into all of its A records to establish connections for 'CHECK.' We do not actually use round-robin at the service level as the goal here is thoroughness. However, user's are directed to one of the 3 weblogin servers for LOGIN and REGISTER using DNS round robin.


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