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Re: Using UM cerfificate for cosign


(This response is assuming you're still working with IISCosign, yes?) If you already have a UM-signed certificate all you need to do is change some settings in your cosign.dll.config file.

<CAFilePath> should still point to umwebCA.pem.
<ChainFilePath> should indicate the folder where your certificate, *.cert file, is.
<PrivateKeyFilePath> points to the location of the private key file.

Restart IIS and the new settings will be recognized by IISCosign.

--Jarod Malestein
--University of Michigan

--On Monday, April 19, 2004 10:45 AM -0400 Konstantin Voyk <kvoyk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Everybody,

I have UM client/server certificate and would like use it for cosign.
Could somebody explain me how can I do it or point me to a right source?

Thank you,

Konstantin Voyk

(734) 615-3816


Infotech, Law School

University of Michigan

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