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Re: logout and cosign.cgi question

On Apr 21, 2004, at 10:44 PM, Brett Lomas wrote:

I think the cgi-bin/logout with script alias works well, but I am just
thinking from an installation point of view.

I would like to see CoSign much easier is intall, and this what I am trying

agreed. One of the upcoming changes that will make configuration, at least, a lot easier is the advent of a more general conf file. This should eliminate the need for most of the compile-time only options that exist right now.

to for the UoA as a first step to putting CoSign into production here. So
from my point of view, the least amount of changes needed to the httpd.cond
and ssl.conf etc etc would be the best, as long as it is (of course) reason
to have this.

Although I am looking at perhaps writing something so the make
process and alter the httpd.conf etc appropriately for the basic
configurations and then is can be tweaked if needed. Thoughts?

I think this sounds reasonable. Are you thinking of a perl script or similar? Parsing every httpd.conf file in the world to install directives in the right place strikes me as too awful a task to take on ... even apxs doesn't do it properly. :)

Perhaps it would be sufficient just to build an httpd.conf fragment that includes recommended configuration and examples of all of the various Apache directives based on the user's configure options? Then we could instruct them to use Include to load it or to copy/paste the parts they want into their own httpd.conf files.

I am also in the process of making the configure script a little more
consistent (eg --enable-apache2 and --with-apache-apxs) and configurable
based on the prefix etc...

what's the inconsistency there? Are you suggesting it should be: --enable-apache-2?

I am also thinking of bringing the IISCosign source in the filters directory
and alter the common code (in the common directory and libsnet) to compile
on both win32 and linux. I think this makes for a cleaner development

Would this also include making it possible for windows user's to compile mod_cosign for windows Apache? I don't know how the visual studio project would like being merged into the main source tree. Perhaps Jarod has an opinion here?

What are your thoughts?

Please do not take my suggestions as criticism :) These are things I want to
do and I would like my work to useful to the wider community also, so
suggestions would be good :)

I would never take generous contributions of time, effort, and skill as criticism. Good to have you on board. :)


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