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Re: Application pooling and cosign filter access sharing violation


Based on the response to your e-mail I guess we'll have to assume nobody else here has encountered the application pooling/sharing violation.

Assuming Win2k3 is creating multiple instances of the filter (and certainly looks like it is) I'll have to tweak some of the CoSign-log-generating code to take this into account. I'll get this fix out as soon as I can. Please stand by!

--Jarod Malestein
--University of Michigan

--On Friday, April 23, 2004 3:09 PM -0400 Konstantin Voyk <kvoyk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi everybody,
We have installed the cosign filter in our IIS6 web server running Windows
2003. One of the major features in IIS6 is application pooling. If all
applications run in the same application pool (like IIS5 does) then there
are no problems with the cosign filter. As soon as we put applications
into separate pools on a web site protected with the cosign filter then
we start getting access sharing violations for Logs\CosignLog.csl. From
our understanding, IIS6 is starting a process for each application pool
and this process is starting an instance of the cosign filter. Cosign
filter opens CosignLog.csl in his turn. When another application starts
in a separate pool on the same web site then a new instance of cosign
filter tries to open CosignLog.csl. Here a sharing violation happens.
Does it work the way I described? Has somebody run applications in
different pools on IIS6 on a web site protected with the cosign filter??
Or does anybody have an idea how to fix it?
Thank you,
Konstantin Voyk

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