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Re: CoSign source and configuration changes I have made


These are fantastic and timely (as we're wrapping things up now for the 1.6 release and should be able to include your changes). I love the defines.m4 and related changes. I've been meaning to do something like that for some time now.

The only question I have is about the DOCROOT/cosign/ change. Do you intend that the recommended installation of cosign would create a weblogin server with a URL like this:  or

rather than:

Surely this is maximally flexible, but I'm not sure it is the most advisable approach. Perhaps we could devise a way to make this optional? Thus making it easy to, for example, test cosign on an otherwise active web server but deploy cosign on a dedicated web server. I'm not sure how to make this user-understandable, maybe an optional cosign html location that would be appended to the end of DOCROOT/html/ and inserted into the actions of forms, into SERVICE_MENU, etc.


On Apr 28, 2004, at 3:10 AM, Brett Lomas wrote:

Hi all,

I have made the changes (and attached patches for them – diff taken against the current head on the UM CVS server) details below. I am asking they be considered for inclusion, after discussion into the CVS source. Most of the changes have no impact on the way CoSign works or is configured as a default, they just add options etc.

The exceptions are I have change the cgi Makefile to install to the web document base in a cosign directory: ie ${DOCROOTDIR}/cosign and I have changed the template and HTML directory to ${cosigndocroot}/cosign/templates and ${cosigndocroot}/cosign/html respectively. I have done this to make the cosign install into is own directory on the web server so that something else, if required can live on the web server also.

Attatched is a list of the changes made:

1.      Added –with-ticketcache=DIR to allow a user to configure the ticket cache location, defaults to /ticket
2.      Added –with-cosignloginurl=URL to configure the redirection to the cosign login processes, defaults to /
3.      Added –with-webdocroot=DIR to configure the location of the web servers document root for the cosign server installation

4.      Added html/defines.m4 to the output files

1.      Added html/defines.m4 to the distclean action


1.      Remove prefix,exec-prefix,SBINDIR
2.      Replaced CGIDIR, DOCROOTDIR with configured vaules from autoconf
3.      Added TEMPLATEDIR and COSIGNTICKETCACHE with values from autoconf and dervived
4.      Added define for _TEMPLATE_DIR to cgi.o and logout.o actions.
5.      Added define for _COSIGN_TICKET_CACHE to cgi.o action.
6.      commented out the –mkdir –p ${exec_prefix} and changed –mkdir –p ${DOCROOTDIR} to ${DOCROOTDIR}/cosign in install action


1.      Changed ‘../templates’ in the HTML defines to _TEMPLATE_DIR
2.      Change the SERVICE_MENU define from /services/ to /cosign/html/services/
3.      Changed TKT_PREFIX from ‘/ticket’ to _COSIGN_TICKET_CACHE (defined by configure)


1.      Changed ‘../tempates’ in the HTML defines to _TEMPLATE_DIR


1.      Removed prefix and exec_prefix.
2.      Added cosigndocroot set by configure
3.      Changed TMPLDIR and HTMLDIR to ${cosigndocroot}/cosign/templates nd ${cosigndocroot}/cosign/html resp
4.      Changed the install action to install to these locations etc.


1.      Added include for defines.m4
 2.      Changed form action from “/” to “LOGIN_URL” (from defines.m4)


1.      Added include for defines.m4
2.      changed form action from “/cgi-bin/logout” to “LOGOUT_URL (from defines.m4)


1.      Added COSIGNTICKETCACHE from configure
 2.      Changed DEFS to include define for _COSIGN_TICKET_CACHE


1.      Changed TKT_PREFIX from ‘/ticket’ to _COSIGN_TICKET_CACHE

I have created html/ which is an input file for defines.m4, which is included by login.m4 and verify-logout.m4 to use the configured login and logout locations etc.



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