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Fwd: Apache 2 and Cosign

From: "Brett Lomas" <b.lomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: June 20, 2004 10:18:55 PM EDT
To: "'Brentley S.Felton'" <bsfelton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <cosign-discuss-request@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Apache 2 and Cosign

Can you get the apache error logs? This may be because you have not added
the Cosign directives correctly??


-----Original Message-----
From: Brentley S.Felton [mailto:bsfelton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, 20 June 2004 1:54 p.m.
To: cosign-discuss-request@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Apache 2 and Cosign

First off I would like to thank Johanna for her patience in working
with me.  I have the following issue with Cosign.  If I turn
CosignProtected On on any directory or file I wish to protect I face
the infamous Error 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable.  My question is
- Is this a common issue with apache2 and cosign, if so is there
something that I can do to correct this?  If more info is needed let me
know and I can supply.

Thanks in advance!


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