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php + cosign scalability

From: renjutj@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: June 21, 2004 6:09:31 PM EDT
To: cosign-discuss-request@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: php + cosign scalability

I was considering deploying cosign filters on a server running Apache
+ php and was wondering if it might not be an ideal platform if the
volume of requests were really high. I mean, I just wanted to gather
opinion from people who might have deployed this set up and have had
issues with scalability. Is there an alternate solution for catering
to high traffic, if this is not an ideal platform (I mean something
like cosign filters on Tomcat + jsp ?-not sure if there are cosign
modules for this platform).
I'ld really appreciate any advise from folks who have had some
experience with this issue.

Thanks a bunch!
Renju Jacob
Comp Cons III

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