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Re: duplicate k5 tgt's?

Hey Phil,

Hmm, perhaps a call to unlink() is in order? I could have sworn we caught this before, but maybe we never checked it in. The cgi transfers the ticket to the daemon, which in your case is probably the same machine. We should be unlinking the cgi's copy of the file, and then you'd only have the one the daemon knows about.

I'll get that in tomorrow.

Thanks for catching this!


On Jun 23, 2004, at 2:24 PM, Phil Pishioneri wrote:

Has anyone noticed their Kerberos ticket directory containing duplicate TGTs? I've noticed that my systems generate two ticket files in my ticket directory. Same timestamp (to the second), identical contents ("cmp" even says so).

Since only one is listed in the login cookie's info, the other isn't cleaned up upon logout.

Any ideas?



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