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Re: questions on post errors

On 7/12/04 2:59 PM, johanna bromberg craig wrote:

is the post_error page CosignProtected Off?

Cosign is not active on that server ( in the example -- not real name), just the cgi. No config directives.

I can manually browse to <> on a fresh browser and see the page (not rendered as a template, though).

I can get the same error to happen with your production system:

  1. window-A: to <>
  2. win-A: select "Join cosign-discuss" near bottom
  3. win-A: get weblogin screen, login w/ friend account
  4. win-A: get directory page
  5. window-B: to <>, get services page
  6. win-B: logout, confirm logout, back to login page.
  7. wait for filter database cache to time out
  8. win-A: enter text in search box, select "Search"
  9. win-A: gets bad page at


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