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IISCosign prob



I am getting the following the logs (nothing too helpful):

7-16-2004   14:47:45

Starting Cosign Filter version 1.0.0RC1b

[7-16-2004  14:47:45] Populating connection list.

[7-16-2004  14:47:45] The host is:

[7-16-2004  14:47:45] Creating conn pool...

[7-16-2004  14:47:45] Done creating conn pool.  4 connection lists made.

[7-16-2004  14:47:45] GetFilterVersion: Getting SSL certificates.

[7-16-2004  14:47:45] Done getting SSL certificates.

[7-16-2004  14:47:45] Terminating Cosign Filter



But the cosign.dll fails to load. In the event viewer the only information is the data which is only 0x5… any idea???






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