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how long they last actually depends on when you got it and from whom, but you can tell pretty easily by typing:

openssl verify -CApath /path/to/your/CA/directory -purpose any certificate.cert

should complain if the cert is expired. You can get the path to your ca directory from your cosign configuration. If you tell us the CN of your cert we might also just have it on hand to check, if we signed it. If the cert was commercially signed then you should have gotten a message warning you of impending expiration (where "you" == the e-mail address in the CSR).

In either case, you'll want to generate a new key, issue a new CSR, and send it somewhere to be signed (either to cosign@xxxxxxxxx or to verisign/thawte/Instantssl/etc.). Please reply to cosign@xxxxxxxxx (not the whole list, I think) if you have further problems or questions.


On Jul 20, 2004, at 5:21 PM, McHugh, Daniel wrote:


I was wondering how long Certificates last?  I think ours maybe expired how do I get a new one?  Dan McHugh



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