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Re: Accessing secure sites

These sound just what we need.  Next question, what is your timescale 
for implementing these?

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Wesley D Craig wrote:

> On 28 Jul 2004, at 07:12, Keith Farvis wrote:
> > Do you have any similar requirements in Michigan and if so, how have
> > you addressed them?
> Very.  So far, two cases have been brought to our attention.  First is 
> similar to the one you describe.  Our plan is to add a cosign server 
> option to indicate that a site requires a password for each 
> registration event.  This allows the site to dictate a local idle 
> timeout.  Correspondingly, it will allow sites that don't care as much 
> to have very large idle timeouts, without negatively impacting the 
> security of these re-register sites.
> The second case, brought by our finance people, is for multi-factor 
> authentication.
> :wes

Keith Farvis
Manager of Unix and Facilities Management Team
Edinburgh University Computing Services

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