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Question about service cookie

hi all,
        I have installed the weblogin server on the host "", 
and deployed the cosign filter on the web server--"" which 
need to be protected with cosign. 
        When I logged in the, as I had thought, my request was 
redirected to the weblogin, and the login form with the 
hint "Authentication Required. You have not yet logged-in" was displayed.
Then I entered one user name and password and pressed the login button, but
it returned "Error: Cookies Required.This service requires that cookies be 
enabled." But my cookie had been enabled.
        In the log file, there is :
" - - [14/Sep/2004:00:55:51 +0800] "GET /?cosign-cosign@xxxxxxxxx=zhL9Tbs2UiFQdqCV5HNHzh24QC+3s4fAJ+q53t6jdNm5ShyQE7+pXvlJiSYMiu5X5cikHRoQd79NzBLDny1Dr8BdEzT6YSueGYXzqeFW4-ry70ij4Gwa4d0-Uq85;& HTTP/1.1" 200 4285 - - [14/Sep/2004:00:55:57 +0800] "POST / HTTP/1.1" 200 1455"
      What's wrong? And who can give me some advice?

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