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Re: Cosign Install on IIS6 - Filter not started

Dan, it looks like it is probably a certificate issue. Could you send me (either in the e-mail or attached) the log file with the most recent time stamp that IISCosign is generating? Preferably one where you have everything 'ready to go': certs in place, registry all set, MSXML 4.0 installed. Stop the web site, remove the filter if it's there, then add the filter then restart IIS and see if a log file is generated.


--On Tuesday, October 05, 2004 12:50 PM -0400 "Daniel E. Lehman" <del3@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I am trying to get Cosign 1.0.0 installed on our Windows Server 2003 /
IIS 6 web server, but everything I have tried results in the filter not
loading and the following entry in the event log:

The HTTP Filter DLL C:\Program Files\IISCosign\cosign.dll failed to
load.  The data is the error.
For more information, see Help and Support Center at

On the surface this appears to be a similar problem experienced by Brett
Lomas in the thread
; however, I tried the recommendations listed in the responses and got

Below are the steps I have taken to install the Cosign filter.
1) Download and run the install.
2) Configure the security settings on the folders as per the
3) Modify the config file.
4) Edit the registry.
5) Add the filter and restart IIS.

At first I thought my problem may have been related to the
DefaultAppPool running under Network Service, but Network Service is
part of the IIS_WPG, so Network Service should have more than enough

I then thought it may have something to do with the registry entries.  I
actually have two keys listed (University of Michigan and University of
Michigan - ITCS).  In each are the ConfigPath and ConfigFile strings
which are set to C:\Program Files\IISCosign\cosign.dll.config.

My next thought was that MSXML 4.0 was not installed.  No go on that
front either.

I'm wondering if this could be a certificate issue.  I want to use our
generic SSL cert, but I don't have the key file.  I therefore can only
export as a pfx file and then run the openssl utility to split out the
cer and key files as described here:

Once completed, I compared the new cer file to the cer file that was
used to install the certificate originally and the files are different.
Furthermore, I tried to install the new cer file as my web site
certificate and now https requests fail.  Now, I don't know much about
SSL certificates (I just know how to order them, pay for them and
install them) so I don't know if this is an issue.

I should also mention that I am running another ISAPI filter - ISAPI
ReWrite, but I tried removing it to see if there was a conflict - no
change in behavior.

Oh, and to be thorough, here's my config file:

	<LogFilePath fileSizeInKB="4096" >C:\Program
	<CookieDBPath>C:\Program Files\IISCosign\CookieDB</CookieDBPath>
	<CosignServer port="6663"></CosignServer>
	<ConnectionPool size="4" />
	<CookieDBExpireTime seconds="60" />

	<Service website="">

Any thoughts?


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