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access problem


I am trying to get cosign up and running on a HPUX 11.11 server with Apache.  I am getting this error in syslog.log when I try to access the webroot/index.html page for testing.  The apache error_log says "Unable to connect to any Cosign server."

Oct 29 14:49:21 judsonhp cosignd[2651]: connect:
Oct 29 14:49:21 judsonhp cosignd[2651]: f_starttls: No access for Judson College
Oct 29 14:49:21 judsonhp cosignd[2464]: child 2651 exited with 1
Oct 29 14:49:25 judsonhp cosignd[2673]: connect:
Oct 29 14:49:26 judsonhp cosignd[2673]: f_starttls: No access for Judson College
Oct 29 14:49:26 judsonhp cosignd[2464]: child 2673 exited with 1
syslog.log: END

Where does the Judson College come from?  The certificate?  Should it be in the conf file?  here is that.

 keyword      subject cn                        tickets/proxy proxyfile
cgi             DEBUG

I'm not quite sure where to go here?

Thanks much!

Jim Goldrick
Judson College

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