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Re: Cosign and cyrus imap and IMP

At first I thought this was just not possible, but you might be able to leverage the "renew" mechanism. Phil's extra_addresses idea is very cool, I must say.


On 06 Nov 2004, at 18:48, Brett Lomas wrote:
Just wondering how you guys got it working ;) I notice the fowardable
tickets. I was wonder if I might investigate the ability to do something
like the following:

1. Keep the primary TGT on the cosign server(s).
2. On an authorized RETR request, generate a TGT for THAT host and send

I am not sure if this is do-able or not, but I am thinking of investigating
this a little, because this will mean someone who compromises the web server
will only be able to become these users from that host, which is marginally

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