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Re: Groups and other variables?

> I'm not on the cosign development team, but I'm curious --
> what other information aside from REMOTE_USER and REMOTE_REALM
> are you looking for?

I'm not using Kerberos at the moment (couldn't get my debian
woody box to authenticate against AD, so I gave up and did
the wacky hack described earlier), so I don't have anything but
REMOTE_USER set.  But I can feed other things to the basicosign.cgi
if it'll take them.

> I run several cosign-enabled web servers, and use require-group
> all the time.  I use both DBM and LDAP groups.  mod_auth_dbm
> for Apache uses the user information provided by cosign to do
> the group lookup.

Got an httpd.conf snippet you can share?

That's the direction I was going, but was trying to see if I can
keep the other webmasters from needing any knowledge of the internal
structure - it's a lot easier to say "add require-group developer"
than to give them an LDAP lookup string...

> I also write a large number of Perl CGIs
> that use the REMOTE_USER environment variable to do their
> own group checks via LDAP and other means.

Yep, probably where I'll end up.

> cosign's job is authentication.  Authorization is a separate
> task that takes place outside of cosign after authentication
> occurs.  Authorization is usually handled the same way you
> handle authorization when using any other form of authentication
> other than cosign.

Quite true - it's just that apache's ldap-based access often does both
of these by virtue of the searches it uses.

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