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Re: REGISTER and a lost login cookie

> 	* If I get an error from basicosign.cgi, then re-run it
> 	  without any login cookie - this will cause basicosign.cgi
> 	  to generate a new one, register it as a login cookie, and
> 	  pass it back to the browser.

Just to follow up, I added the following to my interceptor and it
seems to work now, even when I (or monster) delete a login cookie:

	my @output = `$BASICOSIGN`;
	if ( grep /Error: Register Failed/, @output ) {
	       delete $ENV{HTTP_COOKIE};
	       exec $BASICOSIGN;
	} else {
	       print @output;

Out of curiosity, how many others are using basicosign.cgi out there,
rather than the kerberized version?  Have you had this problem with
login cookie deletion causing problems?

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