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Re: Cosign Friend Meetings, 3/14 and 3/16

I'll be coming (John Leasia), and at least one CTools developer will be along, to the Monday 3/14 meeting..

kevin mcgowan wrote:

If you are planning to attend one of these sessions can you let us know? I'd like to make sure we have all the interested parties at the table.


On Mar 8, 2005, at 4:52 PM, Jarod Malestein wrote:

If you have any interest in the direction of the Cosign Friend feature, these meetings are for you!

Please join us for a meeting regarding Cosign Friend. We will be discussing new features that will allow service/web-app initiated mass invites and user-initiated mass invites. We would like to be sure the design and spec we settle on meets the needs of the U-M and Cosign communities.

There are two meetings scheduled. If you can't make one, please attend the other. Attending both will be somewhat redundant, but if you like Friend that much we won't stop you!

::Meeting 1::
Monday, March 14
Arbor Lakes Building 3, room 2525

::Meeting 2::
Wednesday, March 16
Duderstadt Center, Conference Room 4

Though this meeting is focused primarily on the U-M IT community, if anybody off campus would like to provide input or thoughts, please e-mail us. If you happen to be in or near Ann Arbor, please join us.

--Jarod Malestein
--University of Michigan, ITCS


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