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Re: Cosign 1.8.0 Released

On Mar 16, 2005, at 5:29 AM, Graeme Wood wrote:

It looks like the daemons won't start (and the CGIs won't run) unless
there is a third argument to the service lines in the config file. This
contradicts what it says in the man page and previous behaviour:

    "The third argument, which  is  a
     flag  [P,T,PT,0] to signify if the host with the listed sub-
     ject CN can ask for Kerberos tickets (T), proxy cookies (P),
     both  (PT),  or none (0, or the field may be left blank)."

Is this an error or should the man page and our config files be updated?

No, this is not an error, this is the new behavior. I didn't catch that in the man page, but it has been updated now, and everyone should make sure their config files are updated accordingly as well. :)

There is also a problem when compiling the cgi on Solaris with friend support. This error exists in earlier releases too, but the login cgi won't compile unless you do not include crypt.h.

Noted. We'll look into this. crypt may not be what we use going forward, or we'll do something else to deal with the conflict as necessary.

Again, thanks for catching these.


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