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Re: replication behind load balancer

> I am having trouble getting replication to work behind a load balancer.  I 
> have two Linux blades with addresses and behind a F5 
> load balancer.  I configured cosign so that it works on either blade, but I 
> am having problems getting the cosignd processes to talk to each other.  I 
> started cosignd and monster with the following commands:

I haven't started playing with replication part yet, but can see if the
BigIP part is involved - care to send me the relevant parts of your
/config/bigip.conf, as well as your 'ifconfig -a' and 'netstat -rn'
output from the 10.41.0.x units as well?  Looks like they may be
routing through the BigIP instead of going direct, and the BigIP
is SNATting things.

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