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Re: Cosign Re-Authentication Specification

> this is very cool, and is some the University of Auckland would be very
> interested in also. One thing which might be nice (but is a larger
> impact) is the ability for the filter to tell the cosign server to
> reauthenticate (i.e. passing a reauth tag to the CGI, no registration
> etc). This means the filter might then be able to force the user to
> reauthenticate perhaps every 10 minutes to continue to access the
> financial system etc? What do you think? Also the advantage of this is
> it leads to forcing reauth for certain URLs in the application, like for
> example in the finacials, to change the pay rate or something like that.
> Thoughts?

The one big worry with any kind of 'more frequent authentication' system
is you probably want to disable the re-auth for POSTs, since that data
is lost in the redirects.  On a POST heavy site, this could mean you
evade reauthenticating for a while, but I'd hate to be filling out my
billpay and lose it after I'd authenticated 10 minutes ago.  GET re-auth
only, or configurable in httpd.conf.

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