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Event Log Question

  • To: <cosign@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Event Log Question
  • From: "Whyte, Michael" <mjw20@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 10:10:11 -0400
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In the event log of our server when the site does not display a page this is the following error message.


Could not load the cosign config file.  Make sure C:\Program Files\IISCosign\cosign.dll.config is in the correct location and properly formatted.


The path to the config file is C:\Program Files\IISCosign and the file name is cosign.dll.config



The info inside the config file is as follows:




            <CAFilePath>c:\Program Files\IISCosign\SSL\</CAFilePath>

            <ChainFilePath>c:\Program Files\IISCosign\SSL\simscert.pem</ChainFilePath>

            <PrivateKeyFilePath>c:\Program Files\IISCosign\SSL\simsserver.key</PrivateKeyFilePath>

            <LogFilePath fileSizeInKB="4096" >C:\Program Files\IISCosign\Logs</LogFilePath>

            <CookieDBPath>C:\Program Files\IISCosign\CookieDB</CookieDBPath>

            <CosignServer port="6663"></CosignServer>


            <ConnectionPool size="4" /><!--4-->

            <LogoutURL />

            <CookieDBExpireTime seconds="60" />




            <Service website="">






Is there something formatted incorrectly here?  Furthermore when the filter does load it is not redirecting, it does not show any errors anywhere that I can tell either?  A link to the information for PSU to confirm the config file settings is



The following is a directory listing, the t:\ is from my computer on the server it would be C:\



Directory of T:\Program Files\IISCosign


[.]                           [..]

[CookieDB]                    [Logs]

[SSL]                         1cosign.dll.config.temp.txt

2cosign.dll.config.old        COPYRIGHT

cosign.dll                    cosign.dll.config

cosignmsg.dll                 cosign-new-1.2.0-beta8.dll

libeay32.dll                  msvcr71.dll

NOTES.txt                     openssl.exe

README.txt                    ssleay32.dll


              14 File(s)      1,817,288 bytes


 Directory of T:\Program Files\IISCosign\CookieDB


[.]  [..]

               0 File(s)              0 bytes


 Directory of T:\Program Files\IISCosign\Logs


[.]  [..]

               0 File(s)              0 bytes


 Directory of T:\Program Files\IISCosign\SSL


[.]              [..]             simscert.pem     simsserver.key

               2 File(s)          2,574 bytes


     Total Files Listed:

              16 File(s)      1,819,862 bytes

              11 Dir(s)   8,447,021,056 bytes free


T:\Program Files>



Any help appreciated and any further info needed to help let me know.



Michael Whyte


Office of Research Information Systems

Penn State University




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