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RE: Cosign Announce: BabyCraig v1.0

Welcome BabyCraig!  Congrats Wes and Johanna.

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From: kevin mcgowan [mailto:clunis@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 2:26 PM
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Subject: Cosign Announce: BabyCraig v1.0

The Cosign team is proud to announce the release early Monday morning  
of BabyCraig 1.0. This work is a collaboration between Wes and  
Johanna and the first such release by members of the Cosign team.   
Features of BabyCraig 1.0 include:

      o Non-specialized, biologicial, autonomous agent
      o Easily portable (6lbs 2oz, 19.25 inches)
      o Similar in design to over half the planet (female)
      o Adorable

We're all terribly proud of Wes and Jo's work and extend them the  
sincerest congratulations.  Jarod and I will be taking a more active  
role in shepherding Cosign while they concentrate on overseeing and  
maintaining their new release during her first few months.

grinning uncontrollably,


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