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RE: IIS errors

Have you hashed your umwebca.pem file?  That's new to v1.1.1  Check out
the details here:



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Subject: IIS errors

We've had the Cosign IIS filter running on our web server for a couple 
years now (longer than I've worked here, at any rate). After a recent 
security breach on the server, the sys admin made some changes to the 
firewall (but left port 6663 open) and also upgraded the anti-virus 
software. I upgraded to IISCosign 1.1.1.

Now Cosign doesn't appear to running. In the IIS manager under ISAPI 
filters, it shows a status of "not loaded" for Cosign.

The application event viewer has the following Cosign-related error 

Could not load all ISAPI filters for site/service.  Therefore startup 

The HTTP Filter DLL D:\Cosign\cosign.dll failed to load.  The data is

D:\Cosign\cosign.dll is indeed the correct location of the cosign.dll
Any ideas what the trouble might be?


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