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Re: New Open Source Single Sign-On System: OpenID

On 03 Aug 2005, at 10:40, Mark Montague wrote:
On Tue, 2 Aug 2005, Kyle Mulka wrote:
Just thought I would make you all aware of another open source single sign-on system in development. currently uses it.

It is called OpenID and is explained here:

Actually, as the web site says, this is a decentralized identity system, not a single-sign-on system. You do have to log in for each host you visit, although you do so with just your URL instead of a username/password pair. I haven't looked at the protocol in depth, so there may be other really significant differeces too.

I agree that OpenID isn't an *alternative* to SSO's like CoSign or PubCookie, I can easily imagine using a site's CoSign system as the authentication mechanism to supply identity information to the sites OpenID server. In this scenario, UMich might run an OpenID server, and when visiting a site that uses OpenID (like livejournal), a UMich person wouldn't need to create an additional account.


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