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Re: Need to reach conclusion soon

On Aug 12, 2005, at 9:59 AM, Jonathan Maybaum wrote:

Perhaps I am assumed to know this, but should I be editing the target directories in the makefiles?

BTW, having spent a good chunk of this week, I am almost out of time to accomplish this or conclude that I can't get it done. Has anyone actually set up a working system with KDC, cosign service and web server all on the same OS X server?

Yes, Patrick McNeal and I set this up for submission to WWDC Apple Design Awards. We had it working for demo purposes only, but it worked.

Assuming that you are starting with an OS X server that is already set up as a KDC, and that you have certs in place, how long would it take one of you experienced people to install cosign and verify that it is working?

Probably an hour or 2, but like I've said, I've done this once before. The hardest part for me is actually Apple's httpd setup - it's a bit different from the standard *nix setup, plus there's the whole "modify it from the cmd line vs. modify it from the GUI."


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