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Credentials cache I/O operation failed XXX

Cosign discuss,
Has anyone seen this error? It occurs after a login that seems successful, in that the krb5kdc log shows that a ticket was issued.

The title of the error page is "CC Initialize error" and I see the following in login.c but don't know what the error means:

if (( kerror = krb5_cc_initialize( kcontext, kccache, kprinc )) ! = 0 ) {
sl[ SL_ERROR ].sl_data = (char *)error_message( kerror );
sl[ SL_TITLE ].sl_data = "CC Initialize Error";
tmpl = ERROR_HTML;
subfile( tmpl, sl, 0 );
exit( 0 );

OS X Server 10.4.2, cosign 1.8.5 (at least, that's what the download said, although cosignd -V returns 1.8.0)


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