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browser redirection loop

Hi All,

I'm setting up my OS X Server (10.4.2) as a web server with cosign,
and I've come up against a problem. 

When I visit my server I'm am redirected to, and
authenticate normally. But after my browser is sent back to my
server, the browser is redirected back to weblogin, creating a loop.

With each iteration of the redirection loop, this error is printed to
my apache error log:

  mod_cosign: netcheck_cookie: snet_writef failed

My browser times-out after a few bounces (Firefox prints an error
about possible cookie writing trouble). My cookie settings aren't that
strict and I've tried this with three different browsers, so I don't
think it's a browser problem. Cookies are set in my browser for both
my server and

Where should I look to fix this? My guess is that it's some where
towards the end of the process. I'm happy to send along any other
configuration info.


Kris Steinhoff
University of Michigan Health Service
Information Technology Services

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