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Re: Qualifications for end of Session

An end of session is usually caused by the web browser being closed.

<CookieDBExpireTime> does not set the expire time for the cookie in the user's
browser.  It tells IISCosign how long the locally cached copies of the service
cookies -- the files located in [c:\path\to]\iiscosign\cookiedb -- are good on
your cosign-protected web server before it asks the central login server if a
service cookie is still good.

As far as the 'central login session' cookie, this value is set on the login
server. I believe the default is around 8 hours, but take that with a grain of
salt as it is customizable for each login server. Note that even if your
service cookie 'expires' every couple of minutes (the default value) if the
user is still logged in, a new service cookie is issued.

--Jarod Malestein
--University of Michigan
--Information Technology Central Services

Quoting "Whyte, Michael" <mjw20@xxxxxxx>:


The cookie in my browser says it expires at end of session. What
initiates an end of session?  The cookie DB setting in the
cosign.dll.config is set to about 10 hours.

Just want to know what signifies so that we can create user warnings and
or auto state saving of information on a web form, when page is idle.

Just to save time and email exchanges, below is a copy of the config.

	<CAFilePath>c:\Program Files\IISCosign\SSL</CAFilePath>
	<LogFilePath fileSizeInKB="4096" >C:\Program
	<CookieDBPath>C:\Program Files\IISCosign\CookieDB</CookieDBPath>
	<CosignServer port="6663"></CosignServer>
	<ConnectionPool size="4" /><!--4-->
	<CookieDBExpireTime seconds="36000" />
	<Service IISDescription="sims
	<Service IISDescription="prams
	<Service IISDescription="SIMSBudgets">



Michael Whyte
Penn State University
Office of Research Information Systems

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