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Re: login cgi argument sanity checking

I haven't seen any response on this thread, but FWIW, I think this is a good catch and is probably worth some small improvements to prevent potential problems.

(I will occasionally see strings like "|cat /etc/passwd" passed as a CGI argument to web applications we run, and thoroughly roll my eyes at such pathetic attempts, but it goes to show that some folks will try an exploit in any conceivable place.)

It seems to me that the full-out proper behavior would be for CoSign to apply the same normalization as Kerberos authentication does, and then pass along the normalized result. I.e., interpret \a as a and modify the string. Stripping non-legit characters would also be an acceptabe approach to me.

Neither of these are requests, but rather just feedback on the topic.


Graeme Wood wrote:
One of our users has discovered by accident that the login CGI will accept
a backslash in the username and will correctly authenticate to the KDC,
presumably because the backslash is regarded by the krb functions as just
quoting the following character. However, cosign retains the backslash in
the authenticated username and so the backslash appears in the REMOTE_USER
environment variable when it is read by mod_cosign.  This then affects

It doesn't look like cgi.c does any sanity checking of the login argument
that is passed to it from the html form.  It should probably check that
only alphanumeric characters are accepted (and perhaps / to allow for
non-default principals), though this might affect non-ascii usernames (do
people use multicharacter usernames?). What do people think?

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