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Re: Fwd: IdP v1.3a, CoSign, and Mozilla/Firefox

Phil Pishioneri wrote:
> On 8/22/05 5:31 PM, Bill Doster wrote:
>> Not sure why he didn't post this to cosign-discuss (or perhaps I
>> missed it?),
>> but canyone here help him?  sounds like something I've heard others
>> mentioning around UM....
> We went with a shib-list email because our other CoSign protected sites
> are working ok (including within the same login session), so the problem
> seems less likely to be CoSign (though it could be that particular
> version of the filter on that particular platform).
> -Phil

It was not a cosign problem. Their handle was mis-configured on the
Shiboleth side (shared memory handle rather than crypto handle)


Mark Allen Earnest

Lead Systems Programmer
Emerging Technologies
The Pennsylvania State University


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