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Cosign 1.9.0 Released

The Cosign Team is pleased to announce the availability of version 1.9.0 of cosign [ MD5 2ec240c09951b17babe60a06d7941ad6 ]

Changelog at

updates to READMES
more streamlined single server trial install process.
common: added double quote support to argcargv() parsing.
cgi: override "found" Kerberos paths.
cgi: template directory configurable from cosign.conf.
cgi: login and transfer tickets with x509.
cgi: added ability to force re-authentication on a per-service basis.
cgi: tgts are transfered on macs again, we just build with MIT kerberos instead of on-board kerberos.
cgi: check length of username before copy.
cgi/daemon: ticket stores are separable.
cgi/daemon: fixed miscellaneous core dump causing bugs.
filters: streamlined server/directory directive merge routines.
filters: almost all directives can be set on a per directory basis.
filters: multiple CosignSiteEntry behavior more consistent.
friend: cosign-friend is now its own project, which means it is no longer a part of this distribution.
libsnet: updated to current version.
templates: default action is now "/cosign-bin/cosign.cgi" instead of "/". Details on suggested Apache configurations are available in README.weblogin.
scripts: fixed syntax error in helloCosign.php

-Johanna, and the core cosign dev team

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