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RE: Re: cosign question

Are there any side effects of simply deleting all the files in cookiedb?

Since we weren't sure, we wrote  a script that deletes files more than a
day old.  While we were at it we included code to delete cosign log
files older than a week.  This is in a VBS file that is kicked off by
the Scheduled Tasks once a day.

Heres the VBS code:

'This script will delete files in the E:\IISCosign\CookieDB folder that
are older than 24 hours.
'Files in the E:\IISCosign\Logs folder will be removed if they are older
than 7 days

On Error Resume Next
Const DeleteReadOnly = True
Yesterday = Now - 1
LastWeek = Now - 7

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set CookieFolder = fso.GetFolder("E:\IISCosign\cookiedb")
set CosignFolder = fso.GetFolder("E:\IISCosign\logs")

Set CookieFiles = CookieFolder.Files
For Each CookieFile in CookieFiles
  If CookieFile.DateLastModified < Yesterday Then
  End If

Set CosignFiles = CosignFolder.Files
For Each CosignFile in CosignFiles
  If CosignFile.DateLastModified < LastWeek Then
  End If


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On way is you can use Windows Task Scheduler to schedule a batch file
that runs a command like:

del /q c:\program files\cosign\cookiedb\*.*

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Does anyone know how to do this on IIS?

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