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local logout not being run

Hi all,

My local logout script is not being run after updating to 1.9.0.  I
think I have narrowed down the issue to this in logout.c

if (( cl[ CL_URL ].cl_data != NULL ) ||
            ( *cl[ CL_URL ].cl_data != '\0' )) {
        /* oh the places you'll go */
        if ( strncmp( cl[ CL_URL ].cl_data, "http", 4 ) == 0 ) {
            sl[ SL_URL ].sl_data = cl[ CL_URL ].cl_data;

The cl[ CL_URL ].cl_data must be replacing the logout url, at least I
think.  But I have no idea where the cl[ CL_URL ].cl_data comes from.  

I have it set in the logout querystring and in the cosign.conf to go to
the local logout, but it's not getting there, it just redirects to our
main web site.  I must have something set wrong somewhere.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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