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COSIGN: implement cosign cgis as php?

cosign.cgi (responsible for LOGIN, CHECK, & REGISTER) and logout (responsible for, you guessed it, LOGOUT) are both CGIs written in C. These work well and perform fine on our servers under all but the heaviest loads.

What would you think about rewriting these CGIs in PHP -- strictly for enhanced performance/load resilience? Would a dependency on PHP on the weblogin server be a deal breaker for anyone considering the use of Cosign? Would it make installation of the weblogin server too complicated? Is there anyone for whom this change would be a great positive? Note that we're not considering doing it anytime soon -- I'm just trying to gather opinions. Would mod_fastcgi support be more or less appealing than using PHP? mod_perl? rewriting the CGIs as an Apache module?

I should note for completeness that PHP is already required by 'friend.' Anyone using the friend guest account functionality is likely to have to install PHP anyway. What I'm asking about is this idea of requiring PHP for the core functionality.


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