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Re: Libtool

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Brett Lomas wrote:

> just a question, why do you build a libtool in libsnet for the main cosign
> distro? Is it because libtool is not installed on all OS?

Hi, Brett,

I'm the person that twisted the cosign developers' arms into
including libtool for libsnet, so let me try to answer your

libtool indeed does not come standard with all OSs (e.g., Solaris)
and requiring everyone to install libtool first would be an obstacle to
installing cosign.  Also, if libtool is installed on the system
already, it may or may not be a recent enough version for cosign's
needs.  But, most importantly, building libtool is what just about
all other open source and GNU packages that use libtool do.  Finally,
for cosign/libsnet, libtool has been included with cosign and libsnet
in the manner specified by the libtool manual.  See

Is the way cosign/libset is using libtool causing a problem for you
in your environment?  Is there anything we can do to help?

                Mark Montague
                LS&A Information Technology
                The University of Michigan

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