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Re: a couple of patches

Thanks, Brett. I made the apache 2 change, and am holding the login_error bit, as I haven't fully finished integrating all the defines bits due to the complications and deep proliferation of that suite of changes throughout the source. I should have that done by the next release, though.

Thanks again,

On Jun 24, 2004, at 11:14 PM, Brett Lomas on vxchange wrote:

Hi Jo, and others.


A couple of bug I have noticed. The --enable-apache2=path ignores the path specified. I have altered the aclocal.m4 to handle the path specified and check it.


Also the html/login_error.m4 doesn’t include the defines.m4 to get the login URL correctly – this is may fault J.




!DSPAM:40db992f280631883129336! <login_error.m4.patch><aclocal.m4.patch>

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