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CoSign configuration change idea

Hi (I sent this as a reply to Johanna – but thought it might get better feedback with an appropriate subject),


Can anyone give thoughts on this change I am making? I an altering the cosignd, monster and the cosign.cgi and logout programs to read the configuration file for things which are currently specified at compile time,


1. the cosigndb directory

2. the CA dir, cert and key files

3. friend host, user and password etc.


All of these things in my opinion should be defined at run-time, not at compile time. So what I am doing to having them read the configuration file to get these values etc. The configuration define (currently used for the location of the ACL file) will be this configuration file I am talking about. The configuration file will define the location of the ACL file.


This means the code need not be recompiled if anything like this changes.

The main reason I am doing this is I have created an RPM spec file (so I can build and RPM of the cosign server). This I will be using to migrate between our dev/test/prod cosign environments.


The only impact this will have on the way you do this currently is the configuration define at compile time no longer defines the ACL, but the ACL file location will be in the config file. I have attached an example configuration file... which is essentially the defaults from the


Any thoughts?



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