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Re: enabling replication

On Jun 28, 2004, at 6:29 PM, Phil Pishioneri wrote:

So, to enable replication:

The replication hostname (also our web server hostname) gets multiple A records, one for each system running the service (and so each is running the web server, too).

Round robin DNS, yes, that's correct. This is not, strictly speaking, absolutely how it must be set up, but that's how Michigan runs it (the part about the web server and cosignd being the same servers, I mean).

Add -hhostname to cosignd and monster startups.

looks right.

Anything else?

I'd guess from your question that replication isn't happening, eh? It looks to me like you've set everything up as needed. Are you getting any certificate or permission errors in the logs?

Do you want to share the domain name with us (off list is fine if you're more comfortable sending to just the cosign developers at cosign@xxxxxxxxx) so I can check out DNS and such?


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