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Re: Question about service cookie

On Sep 16, 2004, at 2:15 AM, 陈旷 wrote:

hi all,
I have installed the weblogin server on the host "",
and deployed the cosign filter on the web server--"" which
need to be protected with cosign.
When I logged in the, as I had thought, my request was
redirected to the weblogin, and the login form with the
hint "Authentication Required. You have not yet logged-in" was displayed.
Then I entered one user name and password and pressed the login button, but
it returned "Error: Cookies Required.This service requires that cookies be
enabled." But my cookie had been enabled.

I think Graeme's right; one of the two cookies isn't being returned to the web server, and it looks like it is the cosign= or login cookie.

In the log file, there is :
" - - [14/Sep/2004:00:55:51 +0800] "GET /?cosign- cosign@xxxxxxxxx=zhL9Tbs2UiFQdqCV5HNHzh24QC+3s4fAJ+q53t6jdNm5ShyQE7+pXv lJiSYMiu5X5cikHRoQd79NzBLDny1Dr8BdEzT6YSueGYXzqeFW4-ry70ij4Gwa4d0- Uq85;& HTTP/1.1" 200 4285

This is the request to the weblogin server that resulted in the login screen being displayed. - - [14/Sep/2004:00:55:57 +0800] "POST / HTTP/1.1" 200 1455"

This is you posting the login screen. Do you have access to the logs on the service ( )?

What kind of web browser are you using? You should see two cookies during this transaction: the first one, from, is the service cookie and the second one, from the weblogin server,, is the login cookie. Did you accept both of these?

      What's wrong? And who can give me some advice?


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