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Re: Cosign login on Mac 10.3.6 Server

On 11/15/2004 09:23 AM, Doug Heady wrote:

This is my first attempt at building on OS X Server, so some of my problems may be experience related.

Below is the output of running ./configure. I did try to add options to include the apache binary path (/usr/sbin), kerberos IV-V, and GSS. These didn't help or they weren't in the right combination.


You didn't tell configure which apache you want to build against:

apache 1.3 not enabled
apache 2 not enabled

You need one of

    --enable-apache1=path_to_apxs_1.3   enables Apache 1.3 filter
    --enable-apache2=path_to_apxs_2     enables Apache 2 filter

Or show us the output from when you did add options (and how you specified them).


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