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Re: replication behind load balancer

> I added the opposite blade's IP address to the /etc/hosts file on each 
> blade.  Now, communication between cosignd processes is not crossing the 
> load balancer, so I think I am just dealing with cosign configuration 
> issues at this point.

Then why is it coming from the external IP, I wonder?  Is
cosignd/monster properly getting host=>ip lookups?  Too
many programs nowadays have a tendancy to be ignorant of
/etc/hosts entries and trust DNS regardless.  curl springs
to mind.  Quite annoying.

I'd to a 'tcpdump -s0 -i internal port 6663 -w tcpdump.out' on the BigIP
and see if your packets are hitting the BigIP, just to be sure.

> I get a "CHILD xxxxx talking to itself" error in the other host's 
> log file.

I don't yet have replication or multiple cosign daemons at all, and I
get this - is this expected?

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