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Need to reach conclusion soon

Perhaps I am assumed to know this, but should I be editing the target directories in the makefiles?

BTW, having spent a good chunk of this week, I am almost out of time to accomplish this or conclude that I can't get it done. Has anyone actually set up a working system with KDC, cosign service and web server all on the same OS X server?

Assuming that you are starting with an OS X server that is already set up as a KDC, and that you have certs in place, how long would it take one of you experienced people to install cosign and verify that it is working?

--Jon Maybaum

On Aug 11, 2005, at 7:38 PM, Wesley Craig wrote:

On 11 Aug 2005, at 17:53, Jonathan Maybaum wrote:

These errors appear in the 443 apache log:

../templates/login.html: No such file or directory
../templates/login.html: No such file or directory

In the source package, the html directory's Makefile creates the template directory and copies in login.html. The command:

make install-all

should install this html stuff.

cosign_choose_conn: all servers returned UNKNOWN

This error is the result of the CGI failing to tell the daemon that you logged in, due to the template error.


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