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Where files are placed


Having hopefully learned somethings, I started more or less from scratch, configuring and making cosign. I now see that cgi was installed in /usr/local/html:

maybaum:/usr/local maybaum$ ls html
backbutton.gif          cosign_mainbadge.gif    logout_button.gif
bracket_left.gif        footercap.gif           looping.html
bracket_right.gif       grayfooter.gif          password_text.gif
centerbox.gif           icon_alert.gif          post_error.html
cosign.cgi              icon_sysmessage.gif     spacer.gif
cosign.css              index.html              username_graphic.gif
cosign_logotext.gif     login_anim_fd.gif       yellow_divdots.gif

Also, the templates directory was installed in /usr/local, which explains my previous issue with cosign.cgi expecting to find files in ../templates

It seems odd to me to have the cgi stuck into the html directory Is this how it is usually done?

What do I have to edit in order to have it build so that the cgi will look for them elsewhere?


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