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Re: browser redirection loop

Check that your apache server has permission to write into the
directory you configured mod_cosign to use to store its cookies.


On 15 Aug 2005, at 18:13, Kris Steinhoff wrote:

Thanks for the advice, Elias. I verified the dates on my certificates,
which look fine. And I had used c_rehash on my CA directory. Still no

Anywhere I can check?


On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 10:35:57AM -0400, Elias Asfaw-Kirby wrote:

Hi Kris,

I had a similar problem on Windows 2003. Try the following suggestions
that worked for me: msg00394.html msg00402.html
and my reply
Alright - that worked!

I really appreciate the help.

The openssl command returned a good answer, meaning that the certificate
will expire in the future.

The re/hashing is where the problem was. I completely overlooked this step
and was heading down the wrong direction with trying to install the um cert
as a trusted ca using windows ca authority.

After re/hashing the um.pem file and changing the config file - all worked!
(note on windows 2003 - the cosign dll needs to be added as a "Web Service
Extension" and be "allowed" from IIS Manager)



On 8/15/05 9:36 AM, "Kris Steinhoff" <steinhof@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi All,

I'm setting up my OS X Server (10.4.2) as a web server with cosign,
and I've come up against a problem.

When I visit my server I'm am redirected to, and
authenticate normally. But after my browser is sent back to my
server, the browser is redirected back to weblogin, creating a loop.

With each iteration of the redirection loop, this error is printed to
my apache error log:

mod_cosign: netcheck_cookie: snet_writef failed

My browser times-out after a few bounces (Firefox prints an error
about possible cookie writing trouble). My cookie settings aren't that
strict and I've tried this with three different browsers, so I don't
think it's a browser problem. Cookies are set in my browser for both
my server and

Where should I look to fix this? My guess is that it's some where
towards the end of the process. I'm happy to send along any other
configuration info.


-- Kris Steinhoff University of Michigan Health Service Information Technology Services

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