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Re: anonymous user w/ cosign?

you just need to use "CosignProtected Off" for the locations or directories you want to turn cosign off but ssl on. if this isn't what you want, let me know :)


On Nov 7, 2005, at 5:15 PM, Chris Africa wrote:

Paul Townsend had this suggestion to Kevin Worth's question (see below):

Asuming you've got all your other SSL ducks in a row, this should be
simply a matter of editing the cosine.dll.config file to indicate which
sections require authentication and which ones don't.

However, Paul uses IIS Cosign, while Kevin & I use Apache on OS X Server. I presume this is handled in Apache's httpd.conf -- if not, where else should I look?

Also, for anyone out there using Zope, our goal is actually to run (on the same machine, either same Zope server or separate installations) one Zope site that is Cosign protected and one that is only SSL protected. If you're doing this, we'd love to hear how.

Many thanks!

Chris Africa
Sr. Web Designer/Administrator
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Michigan

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We have cosign setup for various sections of our site to work with
our users.  In a couple of places, we don't need to authenticate, but
we do want SSL.  Is this possible?  We've also tried setting up
another SSL port, but that doesn't seem to be possible, or at least
it isn't straightforward.


Kevin Worth <kworth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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University of Michigan

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